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															The date of a corporate holiday has been changed on KAMAZ

The date of a corporate holiday has been changed on KAMAZ

19 November 2020 Due to the expected growth in orders for cars produced by KAMAZ, the company decided to change the dates of annual paid leave for employees in 2021. Recall that the corporate vacation in 2021 was planned from January 11 to 24 and from August 9 to 22. But due to the increase in orders for the beginning of next year and the expected increase in production volumes, the dates have been changed. In accordance with order-resolution No. 518-Ko of 05.11.2020 «On changes in the dates of annual paid leave for employees of KAMAZ PTC in 2021», the first part of the leave (winter) was divided into several periods: December 31, 2020 (one calendar day), January 11 to 17, 2021 (seven days), may 4 to 8 (five days) and August 23 (one day). As a result, the duration of the second part of the vacation (summer) will be 15 days – from 9 to 23 August. All requirements of part 1 of article 125 of the Labor code of the Russian Federation are met. Staff of services that operate on a rolling schedule and provide continuous production will rest in accordance with the established schedule. «Taking into account the production schedule, the orders that our marketers predicted today, and the customer base that the car and spare parts sales service has developed, it turns out that January will be loaded for production. That's why we decided to take a one-week corporate vacation in January – explained Alexander Ushenin, Deputy General Director for personnel and organizational development of KAMAZ PТC. – Four more days were captured in May. May holidays also add confusion to the work schedule, so in the interests of production on the eve of May 1st, we stop the machines and go to work after May 9th. On the other hand, we are taking this step so that people have several days in a row to resolve personal issues».

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