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															The most popular KAMAZ trucks for leasing in the first half of the year

The most popular KAMAZ trucks for leasing in the first half of the year

19 August 2020 The Leasing Company KAMAZ has studied the needs of its customers for the first half of 2020. At the end of six months, KAMAZ-5490 truck tractors and their gas-diesel modifications showed the highest increase in leasing sales. KAMAZ-5490 mainline tractors, which appeared on the market in 2013, have been leading the Top 3 most popular KAMAZ models purchased on lease in the Russian Federation for several years. In an effort to meet the needs of a wide range of truck users, KAMAZ PTC has created tractors that can effectively solve transport problems in the field of intercity and international road transport. The model remains the flagship of the Russian manufacturer until this year, when, despite the crisis, the KAMAZ-54901, a new tractor with a wide cab of the K5 generation, was brought to the market. The top three in the first half of the year were also KAMAZ-552907 dump trucks on the KAMAZ-65115 chassis and KAMAZ-68901E dump trucks (grain carriers). As for the client portfolio, from January to July 2020, the clients of the KAMAZ Leasing Company were representatives of both large and small and medium-sized businesses. Moreover, small and medium-sized businesses’s accounted for 90% of all transactions. «The first half of the year was very ambiguous. The difficult and unpredictable situation in the country has made its own adjustments to Russian business. KAMAZ-LEASING did everything possible to support the segment of small and medium-sized businesses in the current conditions, along with the automaker», - comments Andrey Gladkov, Director General of KAMAZ Leasing Company JSC. Leasing products from the manufacturer KAMAZ continue to help attract customers' attention to purchasing KAMAZ trucks. Among them are two popular promotions – «Catch your luck!» and «Dump Truck on special conditions» (valid this year), «The product KAMAZ-54901 in leasing», «Rent» - rental of equipment with mileage, the offer «Old friend» - for regular customers, «Equipment Leasing» - a special program for dealers of KAMAZ PTC. Any product of the KAMAZ Leasing Company can be combined with the state program «Preferential leasing» and take advantage of a discount on the advance payment of up to 15%. More information about the offers of KAMAZ-LEASING can be found on the website www.kamazleasing.ru.

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