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															Director General of KAMAZ has been vaccinated against COVID-19

Director General of KAMAZ has been vaccinated against COVID-19

25 January 2021 Director General of KAMAZ PTC Sergey Kogogin was vaccinated against coronavirus infection. The Head of the company was vaccinated with the drug Sputnik V in a medical facility in the city of Naberezhnye Chelny. Before getting vaccinated against COVID-19, you need to get a decision from your therapist about admission to vaccination. Sergey Kogogin had no contraindications to receiving the first part of the two-component vaccine, the second injection for the formation of immunity will be delivered to the head in 21 days. «There was no doubt that this should be done. We cannot live in constant fear of the fact that a new infection has come to the world – the year 2020 has passed under this flag. In 2021, we need to change the agenda of our life: there are enough joys in it, and there are many tasks. Besides vaccination, there is no other way to get rid of these problems. Therefore, I decided to be one of the first in the company to get vaccinated», - commented Sergey Kogogin. These days, KAMAZ is preparing to vaccinate its personnel. Conditions are created so that the team has the opportunity to get vaccinated in the health centers of the company. «We buy equipment, upgrade health centers to create maximum comfort for people. The work is responsible, our doctors will cope with it!», - Sergey Kogogin expressed confidence. A few days earlier, Alexander Ushenin, Deputy General Director of KAMAZ for Organizational Development and Personnel Management, was vaccinated against the coronavirus. According to the survey, the company's staff is mostly ready to be vaccinated against coronavirus infection.

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