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29 September 2022 A new model – the ATsL-3.0-50-24 fire truck – appeared in the family of rescue vehicles based on the KAMAZ chassis of the K5 generation. The ATsL-3.0-50-24 ladder fire truck based on the KAMAZ-63934 biaxial chassis is designed for emergency rescue operations at height, height supply of fire extinguishing agents. The truck is equipped with a 310 hp Euro 5 engine with a volume of 6.7 liters. The gearbox is automated, 9-speed with PTO. The new K5 cab without a sleeper meets all modern world requirements for ergonomics and comfort. It is equipped with a digital automated control and monitoring system that covers all the main systems of a fire truck. The crew consists of two people. The superstructure of the truck is an aluminum frame covered with aluminum sheets without welding, using adhesive technology. The overall dimensions of the vehicle in the transport position are 11000x2550x3700 mm. The operating range of the ladder in the vertical plane is from 0 to 75°. The maximum reach of the ladder from the axis of rotation of the hoisting device with a maximum load at a height is at least 14 m, without a load at the top – 18 m, the working height of the ladder is 24 m. The water tank holds 3,000 liters, the foaming agent tank is designed for a volume of at least 180 liters, the pump capacity of the NTsPN (normal pressure centrifugal fire pump) is 50 l/s. Lifting capacity of ATsL when used as a crane is at least 1,000 kg. The technically permissible maximum weight on the front axle is 9,000 kg, on the rear bogie – no more than 13,000 kg. At the moment, the truck is undergoing fine-tuning, tuning of electronic systems, after which it will be transferred to the structures of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Russian Federation for test and controlled operation.

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