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4 October 2022 KAMAZ will present vehicles at the exhibition as part of the International Construction Championship, which will be held from 5 to 8 October in Kazan. KAMAZ PTC holds a strong position in the Russian market of special equipment, including construction equipment. Today the company's share in this segment is 58%. Having ample opportunities in the production of vehicles for the construction industry, KAMAZ will present several popular models at its exposition: dump trucks KAMAZ-65801 and KAMAZ-6522, as well as a flatbed truck with a CMU Hangil HGC 756 on a KAMAZ-65115 chassis. The KAMAZ-65801 (8x4) dump truck presented at the booth is one of the most popular models in the auto giant's product line and is very popular in the construction sector. It is equipped with a Euro 5 diesel engine with a capacity of 428 hp and a working volume of 11.9 liters. The truck is designed for transportation of various types of bulk construction, industrial and other goods and can operate in any climatic conditions. Among the indisputable advantages of the model is a heated platform made of high-strength and wear-resistant steel with a volume of 20 cubic meters. Its convenient unloading mechanism allows you to quickly unload the body. The dump truck is equipped with a comfortable cab on a four-point spring suspension, 9-tonne front axles and 16-tonne driving axles. The use of original components in the design of the truck, such as a reinforced frame and suspension, upgraded brake and steering systems, made it possible to increase the load capacity of the dump truck to 33 tonnes. To perform work in difficult road conditions, construction organizations often use the all-wheel drive dump truck KAMAZ-6522 (6x6) with a payload capacity of 19 tonnes – this is a vehicle that has been tested by time and roads. The design features of the model as a whole are typical for many representatives of the new generation of KAMAZ trucks. The trucks of the "heavy" family are distinguished by increased consumer properties: increased resource, increased load capacity, engine power, as well as reduced specific fuel consumption. Thanks to permanent all-wheel drive, a three-axle chassis, a reinforced frame and running gear, the truck behaves confidently in difficult terrain. The truck is equipped with a 16-speed gearbox. In addition, the truck is equipped with a modern energy-efficient engine with a Common Rail system with a capacity of 400 hp, working volume of 11.76 liters. The KAMAZ-65115 (6x4) vehicle with the Hangil HGC 756 crane is equipped with a KAMAZ-667.511-300 diesel engine of the Euro 5 emmission standard, with a capacity of 300 hp. The curb weight of the truck is 13,400 kg, the maximum load capacity is 7,500 kg. Platform length is 6,400 mm. The Hangil HGC 756 model is the flagship Hangil crane model in the Russian market. Hangil HGC 756 is a powerful, reliable, solid and easy-to-operate loader crane with demanded characteristics. The maximum reach of the boom is 18.8 m, the load capacity at the maximum reach is 410 kg. The International Construction Championship is being held in Russia for the second time. The first event of 2021 in Sochi was attended by 500 builders and about 200 companies. In 2022, the championship joined the line of projects of the Russia – Land of Opportunities platform and is being held in Kazan, the capital of the Republic of Tatarstan. The International Construction Championship is aimed at developing the technological sovereignty of the construction industry in Russia. The international track of the business program is dedicated to the development of cooperation chains, technical regulation and building standards. A whole block of works will be devoted to new technologies and tools in construction.

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