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10 November 2022 General Director of KAMAZ PTC Sergey Kogogin spoke at the plenary session held during the Public Transport 2022 forum in Moscow. The forum is organized by the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs to support and develop business initiatives in the projects of public passenger transport development. The event gathered officers of federal executive bodies, heads of Russian regions, top producers of rolling stock. Sergey Kogogin gave a speech at the Mobile City After 2024 plenary session as the top manager of KAMAZ and as a co-chairman of the All-Russia People’s Front (ONF) administering the national Safe and High-Quality Motorways project and public transport. Under the Safe and High-Quality Motorways project, in February 2021, the Public Transport Coordinating Board of the ONF was created to unite representatives, participants of the transportation industry, and the public, he said. A broad public coverage enabled to receive feedback on transportation problems, deal with issues of quality and transport accessibility expeditiously. “One of our activities is to struggle with disreputable carriers, identify and stop shady schemes in the performance of public vehicles. All this results in the lower safety and quality of passenger transportation, breaches of legislation,” noted Sergey Kogogin. What makes the market of passenger transportation gray is weak tax collection in regional and municipal budgets, which, as a result, reduces the amount of funds allocated to develop public transportation systems, he added. Perm Krai was chosen as a pilot region where a strategy to “whitewash” the industry was to be developed. Jointly with federal executive authorities, the roadmap of measures to identify and stop carriers’ gray schemes was outlined. According to the speaker, the ONF and federal authorities realizing the roadmap prepared suggestions to the Russian Government for removing barriers to the Public Transport Development federal program under the Safe and High-Quality Motorways national project, enhancing efficiency of budgetary funds spending, protecting public transport workers’ labour rights. Sergey Kogogin thanked the activists and expert community in the regions for fruitful work. “Joint efforts of the authorities and the public will enable us to make a lot of progress in solving passenger transportation problems, legalizing business in this sphere, which will expedite the achievement of the goals of the National project and improvement in our citizens’ living standards,” explained the top manager. He also voiced concerns about the situation with buses and the lowering quality of transport services. “Enterprises of public transport have worn-out rolled stock and infrastructure, transportation is performed with big traffic intervals, carriers often don’t provide warranty for traffic quality and safety. Public transport determines the quality of life for 70% of Russia’s population, is the basis of economic development in cities, therefore it is necessary to form a well-managed national policy and legal basis focused on improving the quality of urban transportation systems,” said Sergey Kogogin. And also, the top manager of KAMAZ informed that Russian auto makers met the demand for buses. “Russian buses meet all modern safety and comfort standards. Our several models are ahead of their foreign analogues. Besides, KAMAZ produces buses of high environmental standards: gas-engine buses running on CNG and LNG, and electric buses.” Finalizing his speech, Sergey Kogogin stressed that the state was taking necessary steps to support programs of public transport renovation. To raise the efficiency of this activity, he suggested considering a number of new changes. In particular, he offered to raise the funds allocated under the NGV program to 10 billion roubles a year, increase severalfold purchases of buses running on CNG, LNG, and trolleybuses.

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