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															KAMAZ AT BW EXPO 2022


30 November 2022 Director of Passenger Transport of KAMAZ PTC Samat Sattarov became a speaker of the panel session at the International Exhibition of Buses BW Expo held in Moscow from November 29 through December 1. BW Expo 2022 goes with a massive business program opened with a discussion with bus producers. Samat Sattarov gave a report during the panel session Passenger Vehicles Producers’ Views toward the Current Situation in the Market. He told about difficulties and restrictions on imported components the company had faced alongside with other Russian producers. It was exemplified by one of the company’s latest products – the KAMAZ-6282 electric bus. “We took on the task of finding alternative versions, and to date this problem is solved: some imported components were replaced with the newest Russian developments, others – with analogues produced in friendly countries,” informed Sattarov. By the same example, the company’s representative told about improvement of KAMAZ product properties. “While replacing certain components, we avoid quality impairment and performance degradation of our products. On the contrary, product features are better and better. Unfortunately, this leads to the higher price of the vehicle, therefore the goods made in Russia are more expensive than foreign analogues,” explained the speaker. According to Samat Sattarov, the situation can be changed only with the state programs, which will motivate suppliers and producers of components. “Mastering of analogous components and spare parts made in Russia will require considerable investments both into R&D, and preproduction, which is impossible without certain guarantees from the state,” he noted. Besides, the speaker old about the novelties KAMAZ experts introduce in the bus line while replacing components for better properties. The new restyled NEFAZ-5299 suburban bus in gas and diesel versions was given as an example of this. The sales of this model are to start in the first quarter of 2023. The speaker passed from specific examples to the general and told about the company’s plans for 2023 in the sphere of passenger vehicles production. “From today’s perspective, following a policy of supplies of new electric products, we introduce new models and relaunch series production of several models with the use of components made in Russia and friendly countries to completely meet customers’ expectations and requirements. The company’s main purpose is systemic long-range work with regions both in terms of vehicles delivery and life cycle contract,” informed the manager. By the way, in Samat Sattarov’s opinion, the current development of the passenger transport market is impossible without the state’s active role in regulations in legislative and financial support. “Now, with rising threat and risks, such support is especially called-for and vitally important for sustainable development of enterprises producing urban transport. Therefore, KAMAZ sees the need to further support the industry,” summed up the speaker submitting some measures for governmental regulation in the Russian Federation for consideration. Apart from participation of managers and specialists in the business program of BW Expo 2022, the top Russian producer of trucks and passenger vehicles presents new-generation buses at the exhibition. The company’s exposition shows the CNG KAMAZ-6299-40-5T extra-large bus, the NEFAZ-5299-31-52 restyled suburban bus and the KAMAZ-6250 AWD crew bus developed by order of PJSC GAZPROM.

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