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13 December 2022 Director General of KAMAZ PTC Sergey Kogogin, as a member of the delegation led by the head of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov, visited Turkey. The main purpose of the visit of the Tatarstan delegation is participation in the Tatarstan – Turkey business forum held in the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the province of Bursa, the center of the country's automotive industry. Head of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov thanked the host for assistance in the implementation of joint projects between Tatarstan and Turkish businesses. “Your country is one of the main foreign partners of Tatarstan. Turkish companies have invested about two billion dollars in our republic,” he said emphasizing that today 10 large Turkish factories operate in the republic. In his speech at the forum, the head of KAMAZ, Chairman of the Council of the Non-Profit Partnership "Association of Russian Automobile Manufacturers" Sergey Kogogin also noted the successful long-term cooperation between Russia, Tatarstan and Turkey and the special meaning of the next meeting, which is a significant milestone in the development of bilateral business relations, testifies to the desire of each of the parties to strengthen constructive interaction and strengthen cooperation. “In recent years, our cooperation has reached a new level in the development of innovative activities. Turkish business is widely represented in the Alabuga Special Economic Zone. Thanks to joint initiatives, a number of successful joint projects have been implemented in Tatarstan. Work to deepen bilateral cooperation continues. We are open to discussion and joint participation in the implementation of projects in the field of mechanical engineering and the production of auto components,” said Sergey Kogogin. In particular, according to the KAMAZ head, it is important to develop cooperation in the current and most promising area for today – the production of electric vehicles, charging stations and batteries for electric vehicles. A striking example of the high level of competence of the Republic of Turkey in this matter is the recent opening of the TOGG plant. “We see great potential for expanding cooperation. And we are ready to make every effort to strengthen our business ties with the enterprises of the Republic of Turkey and provide Turkish manufacturers with a stable volume of orders for the supply of auto components,” Sergey Kogogin emphasized. As part of the business program, bilateral b2b meetings of Tatarstan and Turkish companies were held. In addition, during the visit, members of the Tatarstan delegation visited the TOGG automobile plant where negotiations were held on cooperation in the field of electric vehicles and components for them, filling (charging) stations for electric vehicles and batteries.

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