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Mobile compressed gas filling station

Mobile compressed gas filling station (CNG filling station) is an equipment which is designed to fuel automobiles and other vehicles with compressed natural gas (methane) and which can be easily and quickly transferred.
Incoming natural gas is delivered via gas pipeline under the pressure of 2.5–7.5 MPa. Inside the CNG filling station the gas goes through refinement and dehydration systems. Fueling of vehicles is performed under the pressure of 19.6 MPa and takes 6–10 minutes.

Advantages of mobile CNG filling stations:

– mobility: can be easily moved to the work site,
– transferred by a semi-trailer truck,
– no need of facilities construction,
– high efficiency: two vehicles can be fueled simultaneously,
– natural gas is utilized as a fuel.

Our mobile CNG filling station includes:

  • compressor skid,
  • fueling hoses,
  • gas purification and dehydration module,
  • gas tank,
  • automatic control system,
  • fire extinguishing system,
  • climate control system,
  • emergency control system,
  • light and sound alarm system,
  • NEFAZ semi-trailer.

Technical parameters

 Power consumption 85 kW
 Number of fueling dispensers 2
 Type of fueling dispensers NGV 2
 Operating ambient temperature -50°С to +40°С
 Weight 19,590 kg