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Mobile compressed gas filling station

Mobile automobile gas-filling compressor stations (CNG stations) are mobile stations designed for filling cars and other vehicles with compressed natural gas (methane).

Natural gas is extracted from a gas pipeline with a pressure of 2.5–7.5 MPa. In CNG stations, gas passes through cleaning and drying systems. The vehicle is refueled at a pressure of 19.6 MPa and takes 6–10 minutes.

Изображение АГНКС

Advantages of mobile CNG filling stations:

– mobility: can be easily moved to the work site,
– transferred by a semi-trailer truck,
– no need of facilities construction,
– high efficiency: two vehicles can be fueled simultaneously,
– natural gas is utilized as a fuel.

Our mobile CNG filling station includes:

  • compressor skid,
  • fueling hoses,
  • gas purification and dehydration module,
  • gas tank,
  • automatic control system,
  • fire extinguishing system,
  • climate control system,
  • emergency control system,
  • light and sound alarm system,
  • NEFAZ semi-trailer.

Technical parameters

 Power consumption 85 kW
 Number of fueling dispensers 2
 Type of fueling dispensers NGV 2
 Operating ambient temperature -50°С to +40°С
 Weight 19,590 kg