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Forging plant is a manufacturing enterprise with
a full cycle of production of hot forgings (development
of technology, design and production of tooling and parts).

Forging plant provides forgings to companies of automotive, railway, oil & gas, mining and other industries.

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Forging products range

Hot forgings of various parts for trucks, automobiles,
agricultural, towed vehicles and power trains:

Кулак поворотный

Steering knuckles

Кулак разжимной

Expansion cams

Балка передних осей

Front-axle beams

Коленчатые валы


Ступицы и фланцы

Hubs and flanges







Technologies applied:

New design and manufacture methods of CAD-CAM-CAE tooling systems.

Unigraphics NX4 for tooling 3D design.

Hot forging processes simulation in Qform package.

Hot forging with preshape (roll forging on ARWS-1/1a/2/2a).

Shafts upsetting with set of workpieces of minor section and cross-wedge rolling of shafts for hot forging.


Smeral crank-type hot forging presses
(force of 1000 tf, 1600 tf, 2500 tf, 4000 tf, 6300 tf).

Oumuco presses (force of 12000 tf).

Hasenklever horizontal forging machines (force of 250 tf, 500 tf, 630 tf, 800 tf, 1250 tf, 2000 tf, 3150 tf).

SP-5000 wedge rolling mill.


Hot forgings manufactured on hot stamp presses and horizontal forging machines
in compliance with GOST 7505, DIN 7626 standards (mostly accuracy class F, in certain
cases class E). Weight of forgings – 0.1…100 kg.

Materials utilized: carbon and alloyed steel in conformity with GOST 1050 and GOST 4543 standards.

Equipment utilized:

Crankshaft production line: forging length up to 1120 mm,
weight up to 122 kg.

Beam production line: length up to 1900 mm, weight up to 110 kg.

Crank hot forging press: elongated forgings – length up to 250 mm, weight 0.12…2.56 kg; round forgings – ᴓ up to 150 mm, weight – 0.12…2.56 kg.

Crank hot forging press: elongated forgings – 250–500 mm length,
weight 0.63…20 kg; 
round forgings – ᴓ 150–240 mm, weight – 0.63…20 kg.

Crank hot forging press: elongated forgings – length up to 870 mm,
weight 3.7…33 kg; 
round forgings – ᴓ 240–350 mm, weight 3.7…33 kg.

Horizontal forging machine: length up to 1295 mm, weight – 0.2…42 kg.

Axle shafts production line: length up to 1295 mm, core – ᴓ 40–50 mm,
weight 11.2…27.9 kg.

U-bolt production line: ᴓ 18.94 mm, ᴓ 22.9–28.6 mm, length up to 460 mm

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