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Foundry plant is a specialized manufacturing enterprise
with a full cycle castings production and foundry pattern equipment.

Foundry plant manufactures castings of any complexity of various iron grades, structural and alloyed steel, and non-ferrous alloys.

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Foundry Plant operates in the following
foundry products market segments:

Automotive industry (cylinder blocks, cylinder block heads, crankcase castings, crankshafts, spiders, hubs, toolplates, fuel supply and steering equipment components, etc.)

Valve industry (bodies, top covers, wedge blocks, disks, handwheels, etc.)

Rolling-stock manufacturing and general machinery (axle-box body, draft gear housing, repair welding truck, wedges, etc.)

General machinery (cargos, balance weights, tubes, sheave wheels, gas burners, jaws, bed frames, etc.)


Technological cycle:
Full: from cast iron melting to castings finishing.

Alloy grades:
SCH20, SCH25 (250), SCH35 (350); VCH40, 50, 60; CHVG35, CHVG45; special types of SCH (in accordance with the Russian standards).

Metal melting:
- induction melting in Otto Junker melting complex,
- Duplex process in Swindell-Dressler melting furnaces.

Melting shop facilities:
- Otto Junker induction melting complex of 2*25 t capacity,
- 9 Swindell-Dressler arc melting furnaces of 50 t capacity with advanced control system,
- 7 Swindell-Dressler arc holding furnaces of 75 t capacity.

Molding shop facilities:
2 HWS automatic molding lines with flask dimensions: 1500x1100x400; 1100x750x300,
5 CE-Cast automatic molding lines (3 lines with flask clear dimensions: 1500x1100x400; 2 lines: 1100x750x300).

Automatic iron charging process:
ABB and Otto Junker automatic charging machines on HWS automated molding lines.

Refining, chipping, lining and heat treatment:
Pangborn, Holcroft machines, KAMAZ-Metallurgiya hydraulic wedges, supplementary finishing machinery: P.S. AutoGrinding automated machines TT-500-XXL of 150–250 kg lifting capacity, MAUS automated grinding machine SAM-300D, Foundrax Engineering Products automated optic hardness measuring machine equipped with BRINscan MKIII loading and unloading system.

Core making production
- Laempe and Foundry core making machines (amin-process),
- Sutter core making machines (hot, cold SO2-process).


Technological cycle:
Full: from steel melting to castings finishing.

Alloy grades:
Steel 25, 35, 32CH06, 20GL, 30CHML, 110G13L (in accordance with the Russian standards).

Melting shop facilities:
- 9 DSP-12H2 arc furnaces of 12 t capacity,
- 3 IST 1/05 induction furnaces of 1 t capacity.

Core making shop facilities:
U900 and 315E machines (Shalko process).

Molding shop facilities:
- 2 CE-Cast automatic molding lines (1500x1100x400; 1100x750x300),
- 1 Disamatic2013 line (680x480).

Refining, chipping, lining and heat treatment:
Pangborn and Holcroft equipment.



of a full cycle production: from alloy melting
to castings finishing.

Aluminum high pressure die casting
Weight of castings: 0.035…6.2 kg.
Castings are manufactured on Wotan machines, with locking pressure of 400, 700, 1100 tones.
Alloy grades applied: AK9ch (in accordance with the Russian standards).

Aluminum low pressure die casting
Weight of castings: 0.96…25 kg.
Alloy grades: AK9ch, AK7 and their modifications (in accordance with the Russian standard GOST 1583-93).

Aluminum chill casting
Weight of castings: 0.20…10.2 kg.
Alloy grades: AK9ch, AK7pch (in accordance with the Russian standards).

Casting and forging of coper based alloys under Autoforge technology
Weight of castings: 0.03…0.5 kg.
Alloy grades: LMtsSK, LTS-40, BrA10ZHZMts2 (in accordance with the Russian standards).

Continuous casting of brass and bronze tubes
Workpieces diameter: 25…200 mm, length: up to 3000 mm.
Alloy grades: LTS40TS, LMTSK (the Russian standard GOST 17711), BrA10ZHZMts2 (the Russian standard GOST 493-79), BrO5TS5S5, BRO10S10 (the Russian standard GOST 613-79).



Material grades:
steel 35L, 40L, 40HL, 40HGNM, 4H5MFS, 25HGL
(in accordance with the Russian standards).


Melting shop facilities:
10 IST induction furnaces of 0.25–250 kg capacity.

Core making shop facilities:
U900 and 315E machines (Shalko process).


Melting shop facilities:
1 vacuum-induction machine.

Core making shop facilities:
U900 and 315E machines (Shalko process).


Full technological cycle:
design and manufacturing from workpieces to finished tooling: press molds, chill, core boxes, models, dies, appliances.

Foundry processes modelling:
LVM Flow CV4, 60R3, ProCast programs.

Foundry tooling manufacturing shop facilities:
machining centers and NC machines.

Accuracy measuring control:
Three-coordinate measuring machines.


Spectral equipment:
OBLF and Spectrolab optical emission spectrometers PMY-Master model for tooling workpieces material grade definition.

Metallographic facilities:
HPO-3000, HPO-250, ТSH-2М, ТB-5004 hardness testers,
ZD-10, ZD-40, MIR-200К, EDTS-30К tensile testing machines,
Meiji IM inverted metallurgical microscopes, including Thixomet image analysis software.

Swisher grinding machines,
Delta, AbrasiMet, Metasecar cutting machines,
Metaserv, Montasupal grinding and polishing machines,
Slimplimet, Powermet forsing presses,
Behringer band-saw.

Elta, AUS carbon and sulfur analyzers,
Kvant atomic absorption spectrometer,
Kristalluks gas chromatograph.

Seifert, Bossello X-ray TV units, Filin X-ray unit,
DIO ultrasonic flaw detector.


plant has implemented
the production of:

hand rails, fences,

storm drains,

wheel covers,

floor tiles,

and other pieces of street furniture with a full cycle production from design, development and preproduction to manufacturing and sales.

Our products

KAMAZ Foundry plant is able to provide the following services: castings for the automotive industry, castings for valve manufacturing, railway castings, castings from aluminum alloys, as well as street furniture. Our castings for the engineering industry are strong enough and wear-resistant, due to which they are able to withstand the rated load. One of the main tasks of the Foundry plant in the product manufacturing is: the absence or minimization of the number of shrinkage defects in the casting of products. The plant produces castings for the automotive industry, valve manufacturing companies in accordance with your drawings within the required time. We produce aluminum alloys castings .

Street furniture, or outdoor amenities, are essential elements in the city environment, villages, parks, gardens, and other public places. KAMAZ Foundry plant is able to design and produce such objects as railings, floor tiles, storm drains, decorative caps, urns, benches, barbecues, and other. Products manufactured by the plant combine beauty and comfort and fit perfectly into urban design.

If you are looking for castings or street amenities, please contact us or fill out the feedback form.

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Valentin V. Kuchinsky
Head of marketing and sales of foundry production
Industrial components KAMAZ, LLC
e-mail: KuchinskiyVV@kamaz.ru

Rustem R. Sunagatov
Deputy director general for commercial affairs
Industrial components KAMAZ, LLC
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