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Repair and tool making plant

It is a full process cycle plant, which carries out various
kinds of work – from forging to thermal treatment, finished
products painting, including all types of mechanical treatment.

and tool making plant

Customers of the Repair and tool making plant are companies of oil and gas, automotive, machine-building, agricultural and other industries. The plant is an active member of the state import substitution programme and has developed over 170 products in range, constantly broadening the product list.

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Spare parts production: EN
Tool making: EN
Production of pneumatic tools: EN
Forgings manufacturing: EN
Broach tool production: EN
Springs production: EN
Production of rubber goods and plastic materials: EN
Wear protection coating: EN
Torque wrench check and calibration: EN
Equipment repair: EN


The manufacturing technology applied is
oriented on progressive methods of treatment:



electrical discharge,

wear-resistant coating application,
with the application of highly efficient
domestically produced and imported
equipment that jointly ensure high quality
of the production.

Our advantages: a full cycle production of non-standard specialized instruments from its designing to coating, including engineering development, technological support of orders and all the necessary types of machining.

Metal cutting equipment production

Broaches for splined holes:
- with straight-sided flanks,
- for splined holes with involute profile,
- keyway broaches,
- rounded broaches,
- flat broaches,
- of facet type (4.6).

Drills of the following type:
- twist drills,
- auger drills,
- with reinforced core,
- solid carbide drills,
- assembled with disposable plates,
- assembled with brazed plates.

Milling cutters:
- hobbing cutters,
- slitting and cut-off cutters.
- edged end mills,
- profiled end mills,
- tapered end mills,
- interlocked side milling cutters,
- solid face-milling cutters,
- interlocked side milling cutters,
- solid double-ended side mills,
- side-and-face milling cutters,
- interlocked double-ended side mills,
- side-and-face milling cutters,
- involute side mills,
- finger-type mills.

Core drills:
- solid for through holes,
- solid for dead end holes,
- shell-type core drills for through holes,
- inserted-blade core drills with mechanical mounting of hard alloyed plates,
- with soldered plates,
- shell core drills.

Assembly tool

Multi-spindle assembly tools:

without shutdown,

with mechanical shutdown
upon tightening torque,

with electronic shutdown
upon tightening torque.

A wide range of
pneumatic tools:

pneumatic drives,

grinding machines,

angle tools,

rachet tools,

impact wrenches,

pistol-grip nut runners,

balancers for hanging of the above listed tools.

Production of spare
parts for equipment:

cylindrical gear wheels, discs (external and internal engagement),

worm drives,

bevel wheels (with straight and circular tooth pitch),

serrated bars,

chain sprockets,

shafts, plungers, stocks,

rolling screw-motion drive,

rollers, flanges,

body parts,

spindles, spindle units,

springs, split spring bushings,

welding-on of crane wheels.

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