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We offer self-powered energy modules – mobile plants powered by LNG which are able to operate without connection to gas pipeline infrastructure.

Self-powered energy complex is an electric power source which can be utilized to supply electricity to remote areas and isolated communities as well as industrial sites.

The module is fueled by LNG, which makes it safe, reliable and more sustainable self-contained power source compared to conventional equipment powered by petroleum products.

The module capabilities:

– restoration of electric power supply in case of emergency;
– electric power supply to communities, civil and industrial sites (drilling platforms, mines, disposal facilities, building sites, airports, etc.);
– up to 30 days of drainless storage of LNG in the cryogenic tank;
– up to 1000 kW of electric power supply.

The energy complex includes:

  • gas generator set,
  • vaporizer (regasification unit),
  • cryogenic tank,
  • automatic control system,
  • fire extinguishing system,
  • emergency control system,
  • light and sound alarm system,
  • NEFAZ semi-trailer (subject to the modification).

Product range

Parameters Unit-125 Unit-500 Unit-1000
 Electric power, kW 125 500 1000
 Voltage, V 400
 Cryogenic tank capacity, m3 18 18 40
 Gas consumption at 75% load, Nm3 29,6 101 202
 Operating ambient temperature -40°С to +40°С

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